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More and more digital media are often found in our households. The age of the primary tablet/mobile is decreasing enormously per annum. consistent with a study, 36% of yank 6-year-olds have already got a mobile device. 54% use mobile phones or tablets from time to time. I do know from my very own experience that a minimum of one tablet is additionally employed by much younger children. The FamiSafe app was developed so as to regulate consumption or not completely expose one’s own children to the whole scope of media use. We report within the following text what this is often exactly and the way it works.

FamiSafe – What quiet app is it?

FamiSafe is an app that’s installed on the kids’ devices and helps us, parents, to guard our youngsters. I deliberately don’t call the app an impacted app (it clearly controls every step your children combat their smartphone or tablet), because protection is that the main focus here. The official name is FamiSafe Parental Control App. The app is often won’t precisely control usage, for instance, time restrictions are often set, and harmful apps and websites are often blocked. there’s also the sensible function of locating with this app, so in an emergency, you usually know where the kid, or a minimum of his telephone, is.

Different functions of FamiSafe

After I downloaded the app from the App Store and installed it on my smartphone, I familiarized myself with the varied functions. I can make and manage all settings via the child’s device (with PIN) or the parent’s access on the PC or my very own mobile, and therefore the most vital thing, I can track a cell phone. within the following, I might wish to introduce the individual options that this app offers.

Activities report

Here you’ve got a summary of which activities are being administered on the smartphone or tablet. that’s actually self-explanatory, you get a pleasant summary under now.

Recognition of explicit content

All messenger apps on the smartphone or tablet, where critical content is often exchanged, are summarized under now. there’s a notification especially surely keywords that signal cyberbullying or sexual offenses. you’ll connect the apps to your own device and thus check what’s being written. Dear parents, please protect the privacy of your children especially now, and only use this function in an emergency!

App usage

You will find an inventory of all available apps on the smartphone and therefore the respective usage time. At now, you’ll even block apps completely or set a deadline, even surely days.

Real-time location

The point real-time location shows the precise place where your child or their smartphone or tablet is currently.

Internet filter

I found this function particularly interesting because here you’ll set filters for a good sort of content. If an internet site corresponds to a category that you simply have blocked, your child cannot access it. the most topics here are violence, addiction, sex, and far more. If a page is blocked albeit it’s harmless in your eyes, you’ll determine exceptions. i feel this is applicable in particular to pages that affect the aforementioned topics in a child-friendly manner and are then automatically blocked by using the keywords.

Time limits

You can even lock the whole device automatically after a particular period of your time. Thus, we not only have the temporal use of varied apps and websites in check, even completely, the utilization of the whole device. After the set time has elapsed, your child can not access it.

Smart Schedule

Smart Schedule may be a somewhat more advanced function of your time limits. Here you’ll not only set a time after the device pops, but you’ll actually make tons of settings. you’ll name the schedules and generate as many as you would like. One might be, for instance, that the device should switch itself off when it’s between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays because homework is being done there. you’ll even set a rule with a connection to a location.


Under geofences, you’ll determine an area and a radius during which your child should stay. If the kid enters an area marked as unsafe, you’ll receive a message.

What I prefer about FamiSafe

I think it’s particularly good that the app offers numerous options. I do not want to regulate my child, but with this app, I even have the chance to guard them and to limit their infantile activities a touch. I feel the app is right for everybody who trusts their children, but still wants to guard them, because children are ignorant and need to find out how to use digital media correctly. The app may be a great support to travel in a child-friendly way.

Download links:

Google Play                                                

App Store

Amazon Store

Cost of the FamiSafe app

The costs vary counting on the payment. First, you’ll download a three-day trial version. then, the monthly price for using the app is $ 9.99, if you agree on a quarterly payment, it’s only $19.99 and if you pay annually, it costs only half the starting price, namely $ 59.99.


This application isn’t free but quite cheap. in comparison with all the features it provides, it is often concluded that this application is basically cheap.This application isn’t free but quite

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