Here’s how your site’s speed affects your sales

We’re sure you’ve experienced shopping online and got irritated by slow loading times – if you’re an entrepreneur with a website, know that even your loyal customers WILL LEAVE if they’ve experienced enough issues with page load speeds. Statistically, one in four visitors abandon a site that took more than four seconds to load.

Time is literally money when it comes to site speed, so choosing the right provider among top hosting services is a must. Let’s look at why loading speeds are vital for business websites and ways you can improve your sales.

The importance of a speedy website

Speed is the name of the game online, regardless of what you’re doing. Longer page load times can mean losing opportunities. Websites with a two-second loading time receive a 9% average bound rate, 5 seconds and it shoots up to 5%.

We are impatient when waiting for things around the web, so how fast do people expect sites to load? It should not be more than two seconds for ecommerce sites because 40% of consumers won’t wait longer than three seconds before leaving a site.

Site’s speed and sales effect

Did you know that Amazon stands to lose over %1 billion if its site speed drops by merely a second?

You might not think that a few visitors matter, but loading speeds have a HUGE effect on sales. All ecommerce sites are vulnerable to load speed issues, especially with relatively big sites using shared hosting instead of dedicated or modern vps hosting solutions.

The question now is not whether you need to improve your loading speeds – the real question is, can you afford not to?

Ways to Boost Your Site Speeds (and sales)

Now that we established that site speed is vital to sales, the next step is to find out how to apply it to yours. Here are a few ways:

Evaluate your hosting. Check your web hosting provider and hosting plan. Is it powerful enough for your website? Assess the features and actual results compared to industry standards. A constantly crashing website can mean the wrong hosting plan. Many business sites start with shared hosting since it’s affordable, but it’s equally unreliable.

Growing websites need a vps hosting upgrade or even a dedicated solution to keep the site running speedily and securely.

Optimize code and images. Images are used to keep site visitors engaged, but tons of media files can also slow down your site. Resolve this issue by using image compressors. In the same way, unnecessarily heavy code can also slow your site. If you’re not knowledgeable about coding, your programmer or a third-party provider can assist you.

Your sales are directly impacted by site speed. A second delay can be the difference between closing a deal or losing it to a competitor, spelling doom for your business. To boost your site’s loading speeds, you need to utilize the services of any top web hosting services in your area with a user-reviewed solution like dedicated or vps hosting, the latter being more flexible and affordable.

Don’t waste time. Assess your website and start applying these actionable tips!

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