Top 5 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2020

Change is the only constant synonymous with the working of any industry. Businesses compete with each other for their fair share of space on the web, which is evident from the way websites are now structured and designed.

As web development companies focus on newer kinds of web designs to increase user interactivity while enhancing the look of the site, there are a few trends that have grabbed customer attention.

Web Development Trends include:

• The Virtual Reality effect: As virtual reality makes it possible to induce some major changes and increased possibilities in the gaming industry, web designers are quickly adapting it to suit applications involved in web development.

• Including Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): PWAs concept is based on HTML5 and has assisted many companies, especially those running E-commerce businesses, to increase their conversion rates.

• Having Chatbots help: Looking for customer support? The chatbot advantage has allowed many companies to effectively address customer support systems throughout the year irrespective of the region from where the customers belong to.

• Engaging through Push Notifications: Push notifications help companies to share information about the launch of new products and special discounts in addition to customer-centric sales and promotional activities. For companies that constantly look for ways and means to engage with their audience, creating websites with push notifications work best.

• Utilising Artificial Intelligence tools: Some of the biggest web designing company in Mumbai and other cities have been sharing their AI technology for common use. Be it augmenting the speed and applications of search engines or pinpointing at the inaccuracy of certain articles, The importance of AI has always remained understated. Web designing experts are constantly stressing on the use of AI tools to improve the branding, color, and layout of various websites.

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