5 Reasons to Use ReactJS Development in 2020

Hello, everybody! I’m sure if you had ever wanted to expand your business through a successful web application, you have been thinking much time about which front-end development platform to choose. And I understand why. Your venture is like your baby and of course you, want all the best for it. Therefore, your choice must be carefully pondered. In my opinion, the best variant for you this year is ReactJS.

React is a library for building user interfaces. One of its distinguishing features is the ability to use JSX, a programming language with a syntax close to HTML that compiles to JavaScript.

So, now I would like to tell you 5 reasons to use ReactJS Development in 2020.

  1. Concurrent Mode

The concurrent mode is a set of new features that help React applications remain sensitive and smoothly adapt to the capabilities of the user’s device and network speed.

These features are still experimental and may vary. They are not yet part of the stable version of React, but you can try them in an experimental build. Mainly this mode is built on the basis of user and development experience.

In simple words, in this new mode rendering is interruptible. As a result, general use is improved and new opportunities are enabled. Also, the device capabilities and network`s speed are adjusted by those new features. For that reason, the life of the developer becomes easier, because they can build applications faster and as easily as possible.

  1. Backward Compatibility

It is always great if you can work with older versions of the software, which it uses. Up to now, there are no other frameworks that are able to be compatible so easily. This is not surprising because such a feature is quite expensive. Every time, when it is coming out with a new version of React, the public API stays almost completely the same.

Fortunately, maintaining backward compatibility is constantly invested by Facebook for its internal corporate use. Some apps created by Facebook still run pieces of code developed at the time, when React was in its infancy. And they don’t have any compatibility issues. So, backward compatibility helps Facebook not only to refresh its code but still be able to work on his old apps.

As a result, you needn’t learn ReactJS again every time after a new launch. Besides, you can be sure that your older version remains compatible with all the new components.

  1. Plain and Simple Learning

The main benefit of ReactJS is its flexibility and ease. If you have already worked with JavaScript, it would be easy for you to learn ReactJS. In comparison with other JavaScript frameworks, it is more focused. When it is too difficult to learn technology, it also becomes difficult to finish a project on it and make it successful. Therefore, businesses choose to deploy that technology which is easier to maintain and developers with its help will finish the project in time. To spare your nerves, React comes with an easy to learn interface.

In comparison with other frameworks and libraries, ReactJS is the best one if you want to save your time. And as everybody knows, time is money and you don’t want to lose your time!

  1. Virtual DOM. Just because it’s faster

The Document Object Model, or DOM, is a way of representing and interacting with objects in HTML, XHTML, and XML documents. According to this model, each such document is a hierarchical tree of elements called the DOM tree. Using special methods, we can access certain elements of our document and modify them the way we want. When we create a dynamic interactive web page, we want the DOM to update as quickly as possible after changing the state of a certain element. For this task, some frameworks use a technique called “dirty checking” and consists of regularly polling the state of the document and checking for changes in the data structure. As you might guess, such a task can become a real headache in the case of high-load applications. The Virtual DOM, in turn, is stored in memory. This is why in the moment when the “real” DOM ​​changes, React can change the Virtual DOM in the blink of an eye. React “collects” such changes, compares them to the DOM state, and then redraws the changed components.

With this approach, you don’t need to update the DOM regularly. This is why a higher performance in React applications can be achieved.

  1. Rich Ecosystem Of Developers and Tools

ReactJS has a highly rich ecosystem of developers and domain experts. Moreover, there are many built-in tools, which help you to create, design, and develop an app in this framework. It is easier and faster to create your development with the help of such available components as graphics, charts, models, and document tools. The best that you can notice about these tools is that they are technically-rich and combine all possible features, which must be included in the application in advance. Their list of tools extends infinitely. Greater performance, rich SEO factors, backward compatibility, and scalability are a few add-ons in the list, compelling developers to choose React for their work.

Now you have compelling reasons to use ReactJS Development in 2020.To sum up, I want to say that ReactJS has the main goal – to allow developers to do things easier, faster, and better. I hope this information was useful for you. Good luck!

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