Harmful Effects of Using Mobile Phones for Teens

As parents, we all are concerned about the new things that are being introduced in our kids’ lives and their effect on our kids’ health. One of the most important factors that have become the necessity for kids and a concern for parents these days is a cell phone. Every kid wants a cell phone as soon as they think they should have one. Whether it is their birthday or they have earned good grades, they want a cell phone from you. What would you do then?

Being a parent, you can’t deny the needs of your kids and at the same time, you must know what is your child getting into. Most of the parents are looking into parental control apps and best free hidden spy apps for Android to make sure they know their kids are safe. But, at the very start, you must know what dangers and risks can mobile phones pose for your kids.

Effects of Cell Phones for Teens

Once you know what risks are associated with this step, you can easily tackle them and help your kid with better experiences. Here are some of the dangerous effects of mobile phones that your teens can encounter from the moment they start using mobile phones.

·         Anxiety

Where it brings a great joy talking to their friends all the time through texting and other means, it can also induce anxiety in kids. They might start enjoying this new and convenient mode of communication but at the same time, it can frustrate them as well. Where they get used to getting instant replies from friends when chatting with them, late replies can bring anxiety. Sometimes it can lead to weird responses from your kid.

·         Accidents

Even adults are advised not to use mobile phones when they are driving or doing something that requires concentration. Kids don’t follow the rules, they just want to reply and talk whenever they want to. They want to check their notifications as soon as they get them that can cause accidents and increase their risks of doing something dangerous. There are several cases reported where teens have even lost their lives while using mobile phones when driving.

·         Cyberbullying

According to recent research, about one-third of the teens are the victims of cyberbullying. It all starts with the use of cell phones. Kids primarily want cell phones because they want to communicate and use social media. With social media, there comes a lot of dangers including cyberbullying. It is very convenient to bully and harass each other through the means of social media. Kids often start this for fun but it can become serious. Many teens have done self-harming acts due to cyberbullying.

·         Lack of Sleep

If you see them excited about going to bed, you must check afterward for what they are doing. Most of the kids enjoy using cell phones during their night time when they are supposed to sleep. They chat with their friends, watch different things, scroll through social media, and much more. But in the end, they are losing the sleep that they should be getting at that time. It can have numerous effects on their health and other activities that they used to do due to lack of proper sleep. In some cases, it can lead to sleep disorders as well.

·         Teen Tendonitis

Even when adults do one thing while being in the same posture for a long time, it can lead to disturbance. Then what about kids, who get so much addicted to the use of a mobile phone that they can sit for hours without food and anything else, just using the mobile phone. It can lead to teen tendonitis which causes pain in the hands, back, and neck due to bad posture. Also, their vision can be impaired due to the use of the mobile phone for long intervals.

·         Addiction

Experts have concluded that social media and mobile phone addiction is just like any other addiction. The use of mobile phone releases the same please hormone in the brain that is released when someone uses drugs. It might not hurt at the very start, but this addiction to technology can cause serious damage if not controlled. Kids are often seen ruining their health and academics due to the excessive use of the internet and phone.

What Should Be Done by The Parents?

You can’t take their mobile phone away neither can you force them to not use it. If you will become authoritative, they might fulfill their demands and do what they want without telling you. You can give a mobile phone to kids but at the same time, you must establish some rules and take some necessary steps for their safety such as:

  • The moment you give them their first phone, introduce some rules for them. They must know that they can’t use a mobile phone on the bed, during dinner, or during family time. They must be taught about the importance of these rules and how they are beneficial to them.
  • Using parental control apps can also help in keeping an eye on them as they use the phone or social media. You can watch their activities and intervene wisely wherever needed to protect them from the possible dangers out there. You can also use an undetectable spy app for Android or iPhone to monitor their phone activity without them knowing.
  • Encourage them to have outdoor activities and plan trips with their friends. Usually, kids get so much excited about the cell phone, they abandon their real social life. You must not let them do that as they will regret it later. Invite their friends over and encourage them to enjoy some digital-free time.
  • Make them aware of the health concerns associated with the use of cell phones. They must now that they shouldn’t sit in the same posture for long, watch the screen for long, or be stuck with a mobile phone. It can cause serious damage to their health and they should know this.

Keep an open communication policy with your kids to make sure they come to you for guidance and anything they need. They must not seek help somewhere else. You should be there for them whenever required. Mobile phones are dangerous but it introduced wisely, you can protect your kids from many dangers.

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