THUNDERSTORM – A complete DAI-as-a-service for linear streaming TV


Amagi THUNDERSTORM is among the leading DAI-as-a-service platform that is used by various OTT operators and vMVPDs. The latter is a highly functional platform hosting a plethora of technology systems. Features that come along are numerous such as ad network partnerships that ensure the link to linear streaming TV are guaranteed complete services.

Promise from Amagi THUNDERSTORM 

Being in an ecosystem well- established amidst numerous other platforms, the firm provides quality and fulfils clients’ demand. Uses towards an individual benefit once adopting THUNDERSTORM are as follows:

– Monetizing from linear OTT channels: An example of a platform the firm works with is Roku. Now, one with content can monetize video on Roku, simply by adopting THUNDERSTORM.

– VOD content is eligible to being monetized: Making use of ads at various point in time through the streaming platforms, via THUNDERSTORM, gets the funds in.

– Sports fans and all-rounder events people, there is something in store! Using the high concurrency “hyperscale” option and projecting livestreams to numerous global viewers can now generate remarkable revenue.

Achieving all the above, through Dynamic Ad Insertion-as-a-service for linear streaming TV especially, opens the door to a universe of monetizing options. Statistics proving facts consist of the firm’s 24×7 maintenance and support services, all with efficient ad- network links that fulfils the DAI-as-a-service for linear streaming.

Exclusivity and variety

Keeping up with the digitalized world is on all firms’ agenda. Nevertheless, the pathway to achieving fruitful outcomes while innovating is not obstacle-free. Having highly dedicated and skilled team members, Amagi can proudly rejoice on the wide network formed with trustworthy links between clients.

Linear streaming TV categorizes itself as a staple in the life of individuals. Hence, catering for such needs, Amagi THUNDERSTORM provides dynamic ad network set-ups that are supported by several partners. Based on location and system configurations, the best package is generated for quality output.

While providing for the requirement, prevention for further demands is also hindered. In the context of needing to handle different servers by OTT platforms which demand only programmatic ad, this is eliminated.

Trustworthy and reliant

THUNDERSTORM, being deployed on various cloud channel playouts in India, stands by its well-sculpted methodology of work. Being reliable means having a solution for whichever the current case is. Following the flow of work ensures that each component is not left unattended. The micro-services approach guarantees automatic recovery upon unexpected downs. Amagi THUNDERSTORM entrusts customers with a 99.5 % uptime that promises safety and better monetization.


Upon having hands-on experience globally, Amagi is now proudly a leader in multiple broadcasting and monetization industries. Hence, users wishing for further exploring how to monetize their content into linear streaming of TV, Amagi THUNDERSTORM has been introduced to the world of technology. Over 250 channels across the globe connect with Amagi and with a dedicated technology-oriented team, broad options amidst proper management are made available. Let us get started on this journey while fully entrusting Amagi’s renowned presence in the industry.

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