Two major reasons of adopting a field service management software

In the field service industry, a lot of buzz has been created about the field service management software. Well, the reasons are pretty obvious for this. The introduction of field service management software has increased the managerial capabilities of the superior by many times. A lot of field service providers are adopting this technology in their business each year. In this article, we are going to discuss about the field service billing software and two major reasons of adopting this technology in your business. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is a field service management software?

A field service management software is a cloud storage based system which helps in storing, processing and retrieving all the relevant information for the field service company at a centralized location. The data can be accessed by the superior or by the employees from any location at any time. They just need to use their smart device for accessing this information. Thus, it eliminates the need maintaining the information on the paper and removes the mess of paper on the workplace. This reduces the chances of duplication and loss of data. Apart from this, there are many reasons why field service providers have gone nuts about adopting field service management software, but the major reasons are two- Scheduling and Invoicing. We will discuss these two one by one.

  • Scheduling: A field service management software helps in performing dynamic scheduling of the tasks which have to be performed by the field workers. With the help of a FSM software, the exact location of the field worker can accessed by the superior and the service request received from the nearest location can be assigned to him, which helps in saving a lot of time and cost of the firm. The schedules of the tasks can also be altered in real-time and the duplication & overlapping of the tasks can also eliminated. The whole of the day of the workers can be scheduled easily and without wasting much of the time. Moreover, the FSM software can be programmed to automatically re-assign the priority-based tasks or jobs.
  • Invoicing: In the field service, invoicing is one of the most important tasks, because it has to be done by the field worker on the behalf of his superior. If the data regarding the work done has to be collected and the calculations have to be made manually, then it can take several weeks also. While on the other hand, a field service invoicing software allows the field workers to immediately send the important information for invoicing to his superior in real-time. This information may include the information about the materials or parts actually used at the site by the worker, total time spent for getting the work done, the pictures of the job results at the site etc. Apart from this, the digital signatures of the customer can also be taken by the field workers by using the smart screens and thus all the requirements for invoicing can be met at the site. Also, an efficient FSM software helps in automatic pricing of the work and also mentions details about pricing conditions.

This is how a field service management software eases the task of scheduling and invoicing for a field service company.

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