5 Amazing tricks to get the most out of your San Diego web design agency

When a business hires a San Diego web design agency they can expect to have a fresh new site built for them or have new life breathed into their old site. In some cases, they may only want one page, such as a landing page, or squeeze page. In any event, there are ways to get a web design agency to perform at the very best of their ability and help them to do their best work. Businesses that follow these guidelines will have a clear advantage over their competition.

  1. Connect The Writer With The Web Designers

If a website is being written by a copywriter, a writer that specializes in sales and marketing related material, then it is likely that they also have a great understanding of the design elements that best suit their work because that too is a part of their job. Having the copywriter communicated and offer advice to the web design team can help the team to incorporate design elements into their work that compliment the text, and help it to sell even better. A copywriter should have a vision for how the page should look, and this should be taken into consideration by the web design team for the best results.

  1. Focus on Navigation

A website’s navigation is super important, not just for giving visitors a positive experience, but also for SEO purposes since Google does take this into account when ranking web pages. This means that a business should communicate to their web design team that they want a clean, intuitive navigation system on their website. This means easy to understand navigation bars, categories and subcategories that make sense, and an intuitive internal linking structure. This is basically killing two birds with one stone by making a better site for visitors, and for Google.

  1. Smart Inclusion of Images

There is a right way, and a wrong way to use the image on a website. Using images just for the sake of using them is only distracting, every image must earn its place. A business should make sure that their web design team understands this, and isn’t just throwing in images because they feel they are required. Also, it should be noted that stock images are starting to be viewed negatively by Google. This means that it can be a good idea to ask if the web design team can supply original images, or at least edit the stock images they’re using to some degree.

  1. Explain the Sales Funnel

A San Diego web design agency should be told about how a website’s sales funnel will work, and what is expected from it. Will there need to be checkout pages? What about customer service? Will email capture be a thing? They will need to know all of this ahead of time, and the more specific the client is, the better. A web design team can help a business make more sales, but only if they know how the sales funnel works.

  1. Meet in Person

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a local web development firm is the fact that business owners and managers can meet with the project managers face to face in real life. This simple act adds a sense of greater importance to a project and helps both parties to work together in a relationship of mutual respect. Any business that is hiring a local web designer should meet with them in person if they can, such as inviting them out for coffee or even having a more formal meeting in their actual offices.

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