What Printer is Right For You

Shopping for a new printer can easily be compared to car shopping. The features and differences between one model and another can not only make a person feel uneducated about the matter, but also confused. The goal here is to lighten that confusion.

The simple elimination of unneeded features allows the consumer to act without regret in the purchase of a printer.

Why buy the Cadillac when the Chevy will do the job?

Let this article be your guide in kicking some tires, or should it be stated kick some printers?

One factor to consider is whether a multifunction machine is the right choice. An all in one printer includes items like a fax machine, and scanner. These extras don’t add an enormous amount to the purchase price.

They are nice extras to have, it is always nice to be prepared. There’s nothing more annoying than having to go find a public copier, drive there, copy off two sheets and then making the return drive home. One drawback to the all in one printer is that when one thing breaks the other items may go with it.

One of the biggest factors to ponder when choosing a printer for purchase is the inkjet vs. laser debate. There is usually a big price difference between the laser and inkjet printers, but that the price gap has been narrowed in recent years.

Yes, in most cases the laser printer may cost more money than the standard inkjet, but there are other factors to consider. cartridges for inkjet printers have a higher cost per page to print verses a laser printer.

Although inkjet cartridges may appear to be cheaper when compared to the cost of a toner cartridge that the laser printer requires. In the long run though, the laser printer in almost all cases wins hands down and will deliver a less expensive cost per page.

The number of pages printed in a 30-day period should weigh heavily in the decision process. Another factor to consider is that a less expensive model of an inkjet print cannot come close to the quality of print form a laser printer.

Although changes in technology has allowed that gap to shrink, some of the expensive ink jet models can match the quality of a laser printer. Color options also weigh in the decision process, some laser printers only print black on white with no other options.

Some would find this limiting if they need to print color graphs, photos, or flyers. When printing text only with no colors a monochrome laser printer will deliver the best functionality and do so with economic frugality. One drawback with laser printers is that they contain a drum. After very heavy use the drums need to be replaced.

The Epson WF 3640 driver printer needs to receive data in order to print a hard copy. How that data is transmitted to the printer offers numerous options. The standard has always been to plug the printer directly into the computer with a USB port.

Some people find that option limiting in that more than one person may need the printer. When connecting multiple devices to a printer a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection can meet those needs. The same can be said for printing from a mobile device.

Although when considering all the options involved with the purchase of a new computer printer may seem overwhelming, being a well-informed consumer is important. Allowing the needs of the consumer to be met in the most economical way possible

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