Review Of Comparium Tool About Screenshot Web Testing

With the increase of ease of doing business online, the need to focus on quality and creativity is also increasing. The other reason for updating your websites using the Screenshot web testing tools like Comparium is the awareness and soaring communities of customers.

What we mean to say is that the customer himself is becoming more educated and aware of the products being sold online. Hence, your website needs to emanate exactly what it has the plan to offer and sell.

So, in our review for Comparium, we find some of its feature note-worthy for every front and back end developer. This way, the targeted website can be set right to draw in the expected traffic and sales as soon as possible.

  • It Takes Full-Screen Screenshots

Honestly speaking, despite many screenshot and web testing tools available online, Comparium comes off as a needle in the hay. This feature under the screenshot web testing is quite unique and unparalleled.

You can find the snapshot of the same below for your knowledge and reference.


So, if you want to know how does your whole web page looks like, this automated service provides you the same without waiting for too long to load.

  • You Can Keep Changing Urls On The Same Screen

Are you on a testing spree? Do you want to test every other page of your website or online application? Then use Comparium for quicker results.

Here, at the testing screen, you can continue to swap different URLs one after another. This will ensure that you use your time judiciously while testing the targeted set of URLs.

Then you don’t need to go back and forth on the same application. In fact, the test results of the URL are presented in front of you before the page getting refreshed on its own.

  • Set Number Of Screens Before Beginning To Test

Another way to use this cross-browsing testing tool for screenshot web testing is that you select the number of screens.

For reference, you can see the image posted above. You will get around 22 screen options to choose from. Once you want to begin testing, select the number of screens or the browser versions.

After that, you will not need to change the selection of screens again and again. You can continue to swap the URLs and conduct faster testing for the overall website design, including responsiveness, buttons, and other objects embedded on the web page.

  • Can Be Accessed From Smartphones As Well

The amazing fact about the Comparium tool as the trendy cross-browsing testing tool is that it can be used from every other smartphone that you have been using.

A screenshot sample of the smartphone has been displayed below for better relatability.

It is clearly seen that even the mobile phone screen captures the whole web page in one image. So, whenever you are outside and cannot access your computer system to conduct a quick test for your website design, have a try with your Smartphone and keep sharing the URL links with interested parties thereon.

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