Using a virtual private network is an upgrade to the advancement of cybersecurity and data safety. The virtual private network can safeguard all personal and private data of the user by blocking the IP address of the user, that way the virtual private network (VPN) can block all attempts to track the user’s data from other third parties.

Uses of VPN

  • The virtual private network (VPN) blocks third parties from accessing the browsing habits and history of a user’s browser and accounts.
  • The virtual private network can securely access a blocked and encrypted site that was unable at first to the user due to the location of the user and availability to that region.
  • The virtual private network can allow employees to access work information and resource even outside their workplace or office.
  • The virtual private network can block attempts on hacking the security of your network when using a public network, from hackers, government agents, from unsecured connections.
  • The virtual private network can access movies or shows which are normally not available to you or your countries.
  • Unlock geolocation access such as using a VPN for Netflix do Brasil.

Using a virtual private network (VPN)

Open your VPN, launch the VPN application program by clicking on its icon from your application folder, desktop menu, taskbar or program menu. If the user is using a Mac operating system, they can find the VPN in the applications folder.

Setting up your VPN

After launching the VPN application you will easy prompt to help you in operating your VPN (especially on the first time launching the program).

Depending on the type of VPN software (free or paid) gotten, it will also determine the amount of data available to him/her for usage.

Most VPNs do not require any experience before using, they just have a huge colored button that activates your VPN after clicking on them.

Other VPN services require you to input your account details (if you are registered to a company VPN or private software) like name, VPN server name, address, and type. If you don’t have the prompted information you could easily sign up for an account.

Running your VPN

Lastly, after successfully filling up the required spaces, you can start running your VPN to give your files and information the maximum security they need. You can use it for privacy or for what most other people use VPN for such as watching Netflix Brasil.

Using an inbuilt VPN service (Windows 10)

Open the Settings app from your programs app, desktop menu or taskbar. You can also click on the search bar and type in “setting”, this will take the user to the settings app. Enter the network & internet bar in settings and then click on the VPN bar. Select the add “VPN connection”

Now the add VPN connection windows appear with prompted pieces of information to fill in. The users are required to fill in all the necessary information he/she can. If the necessary pieces of information are not available (if the user doesn’t have an account) then they are required to get an account to fill in all the necessary details.

After successfully inputting all the necessary details they can now save and begin using their VPN service to access sites, files and now securely use public networks at coffee shops and other locations.

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