Madhubani paintings on the wall

Different painters follow their unique style of painting. They paint in various forms and types. Their paintings are usually stuck on the wall and they appear wonderful. Some of the painters showcase their traditions and culture by using some unique ways of paintings. Abstract art is one of the most popular art today practices by painters worldwide. It includes adding colors and special effects to the picture that is drawn. Worli painting is also a popular art practiced by the people of western Maharashtra which involves drawing a picture by drawing different shapes. The other popular forms of paintings are mural, canvas painting, embossing, etc.

Origination of Madhubani painting

Madhubani painting is one of the popular arts practiced by the people of Mithila region in Bihar. This painting is done by using many tools. The tools that they use to do Madhubani painting is brushes, twigs, tools, nib-brushes, and other substances such as pigments, dyes etc. Even these paintings are characterized by geometric patterns. These paintings are exhibited during festivals such as Kali Puja, Surya Shasti, Durga Puja, including weddings and marriages. The women from Mithila region formed a community and begin to paint in these styles. This painting comprises five styles that include Bhami, Tantric, Gudha, Godha, Kayastha etc.

Types of Madhubani paintings

So, different types of best madhubani paintings are available with the dealer. Some of the best madhubani paintings are found here. They give a traditional outlook to the room, yet they appear royal. These paintings are available in various beautiful patterns and styles. Some of them are just objects such as flowers that are decorated beautifully. Some are just shaded trees that are drawn with several leaves, many branches etc. Some paintings portray the cultural lifestyle of the people of northern region. During marriages, the northern people carry the bride in a carriage and some of the paintings portray that picture. Some of the paintings portray the bridegroom sitting on the elephant and the elephant is also decorated beautifully. Most of the paintings depict the theme of God, Goddesses, birds, animals, and they also depict the lifestyle of lower class people. Theyinclude the issues of their daily life and their living style.

Where are the madhubani paintings used?

Today, this type of painting is popular worldwide and people from every corners of the world are fond of this traditional styled painting. They are filled with wonderful colors that are sober and bright. The paintings can be fixed in any room including the living room, bedroom, etc. They are available in the form of canvas painting and they are painted on a piece of canvas. The piece of canvas is attached to the synthetic wood and is covered with clear acrylic glass material. It is stuck from the backside of the panel. It can be easily opened from the back and is also used for inserting another photo frame.

It can be easily opened from the back. It is printed on the thick paper and is painted with rich colors. It is arranged in a stylish and decent manner. They are beautifully arranged in black-colored frames. The madhubani wall painting looks perfect in the living room also as it is filled with rich colors.

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