Importance of Newsletters for Business Promotion and Usage of HTML Newsletters

Newsletters are the most cost-effective and easy medium to build customer relationships and also to maintain regular contact with the prospects. A budget and trend study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute had found that about 78% of the respondents who are experts in digital marketing voted in favor of newsletters among the top three channels of digital customer relations. HTML templates have now made preparing e-mail newsletters much easier and comfortable for even the non-developer marketers who want to build some instant content and share. Let’s first explore some of the major benefits of using newsletters and then get in-depth into the usage of HTML newsletters.

Advantages of using business newsletters

  • Creating awareness

Publishing newsletters will provide you with an add-on opportunity to enhance your reach and increase awareness about your brand. People find newsletters as a reliable source to understand about different companies or businesses and their products and services. In the beginning, the customers or prospects may have only a limited understanding of your brand and offerings. By adding the potential customers into the mailing list, you will be able to send across your messages for them to understand more in detail and ultimately become your loyal clients over time.

Compared to the general advertisements and public notices, newsletters are considered to be more of a personal intimation, which people tend to value more. Moreover, the content of a newsletter could also build a broader picture of you. While done a bit innovatively, a good newsletter can also encourage the readers to dig for more information and also bring them on to your landing pages to avail of your offers, etc.

  • Demonstrate your expertise

A good newsletter could also help demonstrate your industry expertise and help build customer confidence in your brand. The content of an official newsletter will provide more valuable information to the stakeholders and also help brands to establish as the industry leader. To establish positive leadership, along with newsletters, one should also include articles that cover the major topics of discussion in your niche industry and also share valuable information to your potential customers. You could also make use of newsletters to provide the details of your conferences.

  • For promotions

You could also use newsletters to promote your products or services. For example, a newsletter is an apt way to send intimation to all when you launch any new product. You could also include information about the special offers you put forth from time to time. For many decades now, mail newsletters are used to reinforce the impact of the promotional and advertising campaigns. A newsletter could also be used to share information about special customer-specific offers a specific set of readers. You could also integrate the content of newsletters with other elements like an announcement and also any articles related to specific products.

Keep in contact with customers

Issuing specific newsletters at certain intervals like weekly, fortnightly, or monthly will help the business marketers to keep in touch with the customers. This increases the probability of purchases or sales calls happening with ease. Newsletters may also help in the business decision-making process. Say, for example, if you face difficulty with decision making, then communicating with the stakeholders through e-mail newsletters will be an ideal mode of communication. Even if you have customers buying the products infrequently, you could maintain the contact between the purchases in order to maintain a very strong relationship with the business consumers and increase the sales opportunities.

Along with these, newsletters could also help increase the coverage of the target audience and get more references too. Now, let’s explore a few essential things about considering Designmodo HTML newsletters and templates.

What are HTML newsletters?

The major advantage of using HTML templates over plan e-mail newsletter are many, which is the reason why business marketers now tend to make use of the custom-built HTML templates to make their newsletters attractive and interactive. By using HTML, you get full control over how the newsletters you prepare appear at the reader’s inbox. Sharing HTML templates is exactly similar to share a web page or a marketing brochure to the reader. You can also match the colors and mix the images and fonts in such a way to create a unique brand impression on them.

There are various steps to consider while designing HTML newsletter templates as:

  • First, design how the mail should look in the inbox of the subscribers.
  • Coding the design in HTML templates and checking how various e-mail clients render the content.
  • Sending the mail by making sure that it goes right into the inbox of the users, and not the spam folders.

HTML newsletter templates can be the right option in order to ensure the above aspects. This can be combined with an ideal software for e-mail marketing. Here are some other considerations to make while using HTML newsletter templates:

  • Make responsive designs

Ensure that your HTML newsletter mailer is readable at all devices on which the users open it. Most of the users may now check their mails on the go on their smartphones, and responsiveness will ensure that the content is rendered properly on any screen size.

  • Ensure fixed width

Also, ensure that the newsletters are made with fixed width in order to help subscribers from the need to scroll to the end horizontally. Avoid any challenges in the overall reading experience. The industry standard is 600 pixels for HTML, which is rendered properly on all devices.

  • Give importance to the subject line too

The subject line of your e-mail is the first thing which grabs the user attention. They will further decide to open the mail or not by seeing the subject line. So, along with creating a wonderful HTML newsletter mailer, always be thoughtful and innovative in planning the subject line, too, which could prompt the readers to open the mail and explore content.

With HTML templates, you also have the scope of making your newsletters dynamic and interactive. This means you can also include a call to action button also on the newsletter for the users to click on it and land on your offers page or avail special offers by redeeming the coupon code sent through the mail.

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