3 Popular Video Downloading Apps for Android Platform

YouTube does have its own limitations as far as downloading videos is concerned. If an option of download does not exist you have to opt for third party apps. There are plenty of ones and the best part about these apps is that they are free of charge.


This is an excellent Android downloading app. The interface is elegant that is fairly easy to use and videos can be downloaded with the help of multiple video sharing sites. With an in built browser you can access any site and even download the videos of your choice.

You have the option to choose the file quality and format of the video before downloading. Any video that is downloaded is saved on to the phone memory automatically. Even YouTube downloaded videos can be converted to MP 3 format but the only loophole is that you have to cope up with a lot of ads.

  • You have to open the app and head over to the video sharing site
  • From the search results play the desired video? The app is going to let you know the quality of the video you are exploring
  • Once the resolution and quality is chosen you can click on the download button

Keep Vid

This is one of the best video downloading apps and even a popular one. As compared to the other downloaders the speed is fast and from around 27 sites you can download the videos. The interface is relatively easy to use and to download HD videos up to 4 K resolution it offers valuable support. Without the help of an external plug in even YouTube videos can be downloaded as MP3

  • In the app you need to open YouTube and search for the video
  • You need to select the video and tap on the blue button that is beneath the video player.
  • You just need to select the quality of the video and the process of downloading begins in an automatic manner.

In fact this app is free of charge and no malware and in built purchases are there. But still ads are there and to remove them you have to select the premium version


Once you download this app you have to opt for Vidmate install. For you to download videos the process is fairly simple. A lot of emphasis has been paid so as to download your favourite videos in the format or quality of your choice. Just you have to follow a few basic steps

  • You need to tap on the icon in order to launch the app
  • Just on the home screen you can see the search option where you can locate the videos of your choice. Even random titles or names of videos can be used
  • Below the search bar just on the home screen itself you can figure out the trending and the favourite videos.
  • In every listing there is a download button and you can tap on it for downloading

This sums up the discussion of one of the popular third party apps

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