Tools for Prospecting

Free or Cheap Useful Tools for Prospecting that You Can Use in 2019

Business activities require much of our time and efforts. That is why every salesperson and email marketer appreciates the opportunity to save a few hours per week by using some online tools for simplifying their working routine. Starting with finding prospects and ending the scheduling of the email delivery – all these things can be done by means of automatization services. Today we will reveal 8 useful sites that can ease your marketing life and even make it better and more productive.

Finding Leads Is Easy!

To start your email campaign, you need to find the prospects in the first place. You can collect the email addresses in various ways, like writing them down during the business meetings or surfing the internet. But also you can automate this process with HeadReach service. You will get the up-to-date contact info as the system analyzes the current data on companies’ sites, social profiles, and other online resources.

Get benefits from LeadMine, as they promise to provide you with 90% accuracy of the received data. They have collected more than 200 million contacts and can select the ones for you according to the given parameters.

Collect leads with Landing

A powerful landing page is like a universal soldier! It perfectly works for:

  • Communication: Tell users about your company or communicate your unique selling proposition on your landing page.
  • Lead generation: Collect leads for your mailing list using lead magnets and contact forms.
  • Segmentation: Use landing pages for specific partnership campaigns, discounts for a specific audience segment, etc.
  • Sales: Add a payment system to your landing page and sell your product worldwide.

The list is endless! Right after identifying the goal of your landing page, start to create it. A website builder is the most effective instrument for building a landing page in terms of time and price. Choosing among dozens of tools, consider the ease of use, the number of templates, existing features, and quality of customer support. If we’re talking about the most intuitive ones, many recommend checking out an AI-powered website builder that has got #2 Product of the Week on Product Hunt in 2019. It’s free and offers 500+ ready-to-use templates and blocks, SSL-certificate, unlimited storage & bandwidth, and 24/7 support of professional web designers. Create a landing page in one hour or take advantage of its money-back guarantee in case it won’t suit your needs.

How to Find Someone’s Address?

For such purposes the FindThat.Email service can be used. It has good rates of successful delivery of the required emails. They have over 100 emails in their database and the convenient browser extension. Also, the VoilaNorbert can be used. It is good for targeted outbound prospecting. However, there are some limits considering bulk lookups.Of course you can use free tool — finder. GetProspect is a tool that is based on the LinkedIn database. You can use the LinkedIn browser plugin to select the relevant leads, and after that let the GetProspect find the emails of the prospects you have chosen.
Before using your email list into the email marketing campaign please verify your email base. One of the ways to do it is using bulk email verification services like, great news for our clients ― using the promo-code R18HE27T35P1 you can get 35% (!) discount for our services.), Kickbox, Briteverify, ZeroBounce etc.


You can enhance your marketing results with proper analytics info that you can get from the 6sense service. It provides data for improving your sales and getting new prospects. It can be used for predicting your customers; buying behavior.

Checking Mistakes

You do not want to spoil the whole impression of your message by allowing some grammar and stylistic mistakes in it. So use the Grammarly service or the Word or browser extension to check:

– the spelling of the word and their misuse;

– the right word order;

– punctuation and many more.

It is a useful tool for creating emails and conduction any other business communication online without risks being embarrassed.

Automate Your Campaign

With QuickMail you can automate your campaign in many ways:

  1. You can use the pre-made templates created by the experienced marketers for various marketing situations. Just adjust them to your business and launch your campaign. Also, you can make your own templates and save them for the future purposes.
  2. There are personalization tools for every email. You do not want your emails being considered as the mass mail. So add the personalization lines that the service will fill automatically with the info from your email list and save much time by increasing the quality of your campaign.
  3. It is a massive time-saving tool, with the help of which you can launch your campaign within 10 minutes. All you need is to set the required parameters and the required schedule in order to reach more prospects at the time they are available. It looks like a sure thing for reaching the success.

Get Benefits from the Technological Inventions

The given list is aimed at automation and easing the marketing activity. We have selected one of the most popular tools and displayed their advantages. However, you can create and manage your own “toolbox”. The main point here is to get benefits from the existing technological means on your way to success in online marketing. More articles on Proofy blog.

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