How do I fix my router not connecting to the Internet?

Surely, we all have faced this disquieting situation at least once that at a given time despite being connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable, there is no Internet connectivity on our mobile, laptop or desktop computer. Well, there are n number of reasons for no internet connectivity from the router that that apparently has an Internet connection. Sounds confusing, right. So let’s be aware of the common fruitful techniques which can surely get us out of this unhappy situation.

Trust us or not, but most of the time the solution for such issues is as simple as:

Restart the connected device
You might seem it obvious, and the not so fruitful advice of the turn. But you must know that restarting any device whether a PC, portable or mobile, can help to return to functional. This eliminates the chances of the connection droppings generated by drivers or software changes.
Try connecting with other devices
A basic step to know what is happening is that we try to connect from other devices. In case you do not have Internet either on other devices, the cause of the problem is in the router. Otherwise, the internet on other devices isn’t interrupted.

Disable antivirus if it is enabled
It would not be the first time that your Antivirus has interrupted the internet connectivity by creating a firewall where it is not necessary. It’s really common, especially if it’s a Personal Computer. The only solution is to disable the unnecessary firewall and sometimes the antivirus.
Power-cycle (Restart) the Router

We have put it as fourth option, but you may give it as the first try when facing an issue like that. Generally, power-cycling the router is good enough to get connected to internet again. Particularly, when the internet outage has happened as a consequence of outdated IP.

For restarting/power cycling the router, either unplug it from power source or just press the power button(depending upon your model).This can also be done it from the Netgear router login page, which can be accessed from the IP address
or in the browser.

If using Windows OS, help yourself with this

For windows OS, use the windows network problem solver, only if the issue is specifically with your PC. For doing this, go to the “Network Status” and execute the network problem resolver. It will ask you some questions and on basis of that, it will troubleshoot the network of its own.

Restoring the whole network

There is one more alternative, which is resetting the network. This will remove and reinstall all network drivers and adapters. Thereafter, it will return to the initial configuration to try to make the Internet connection work again without any error.

Verify the speed of the Internet connection

After the connection has been restored or the gadget has been power cycled, you must go for the Internet speed test. This will ensure that the connection is good to use now. Also you will know how much speed you are getting over wireless.
Still can’t get your router not connecting to the internet or not working Check out your router’s support page.

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