Create Sponsored Ads and Instagram Stories to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

Create Sponsored Ads and Instagram Stories to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

You will get a lot of help in your social media marketing if you create a few sponsored ads while using the Instagram platform for that purpose. Typically, over the past few years, Instagram ads have become the most effective tool for marketers to reach out to a larger audience from this commonplace.

The best part of this platform is that:

  • You can determine exactly how much you want to spend on these ads by setting the ad budget and
  • In addition to that, this platform allows you to showcase only one sponsored ad or a series of ads with the carousel feature of Instagram.

This will give your brand the power to target your specific audience in an entirely new way.  That means only those users that follow your account will be able to see your photos and update before sponsored posts.

Help from the sponsored ads

With the help of the sponsored ads, every brand using Instagram as a social media channel to promote their brand and product can reach further than ever before. However, in order to get the desired results, you will need to make sure while creating the sponsored ads that:

  • You use only those contents that are engaging and also appealing and
  • You know exactly who your target audience is as well as the demographic of them to whom you want your ad to see.

You do not need to take a new photo for creating a sponsored ad. You can simply turn your existing posts into sponsored ads as well. Just make sure that these are your top posts.

That means you will need to monitor your posts as well as to measure its performance level with the use of different Instagram analytical tools. If you know which the top-performing posts are, you can push these posts out later on to your potential customers in the form of sponsored ads.

Running multiple posts

If you want to have even more engagement it is best that you run multiple posts for different audiences simultaneously. Just keep in mind that you will need to choose the right form of sponsored ads from the many different forms of it and post them on a regular basis. A few of the forms of sponsored ads include:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Dynamic ads
  • Carousels
  • Stories and
  • Stories canvas.

With such a little effort and proper planning, you can create a more appealing Instagram post that will help you to gain more followers for Instagram to visit your site and reach out to the exact users that you wish to.

Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are another great way to connect with your followers for Instagram. These may or may not be sponsored but will surely help you a great deal if you really want to generate more leads. Ideally, Instagram Stories have its own characteristics that make it different from regular Instagram posts. This is mainly because:

  • These come in a slideshow format
  • These are live only for 24 hours and
  • You can save these Stories in any of your devices if you wish to use these at a later stage.

These are however much similar and in fact the direct competitor of the Snapchat Stories.

The Instagram Stories appear in a small area above the news feed instead of appearing in it. When the users click on the photo at the top, they can view your story in a window that will pop up.

The benefits of it

The benefits of Instagram Stories that the brands can enjoy are seemingly and truly endless.

  • If you are a starter these Instagram Stories will be displayed at the top of the follower timelines which are the place where every user looks daily.
  • If you are into the business for some time now, you can use Instagram Stories to capture and tell your users about the behind-the-scenes insider posts. However, this may not be as high in quality as the regular posts.

The most significant aspect of the Instagram Stories is that you will not have to worry much about posting contents that will align with the aesthetic of the brand or even the Instagram page.

Experiment with different types

When you use Instagram Stories, it will be much easier for you to experiment with the different types of content that are included in the Stories feature such as:

  • The photos
  • The short videos
  • The rewind videos
  • The live videos or
  • Boomerangs which are GIF-like images that usually plays on a loop.

You can even make your Instagram Stories more meaningful and appealing if you tag other accounts in it. This is a great ploy especially when you are collaborating with an influencer or another brand.

Edit the images

If you want to make your images more appealing and attention grabbing you will need to edit them using the different tools and features of Instagram. You can use easy to use tools such as:

  • The face filters
  • Textor

These tools will make the images more eye-catching and make the visuals more appropriate for your brand. It is also important to make sure that every photo or video that you include plays in the same sequence as you added it. In addition to that, it is also important to remember a few specific things about the Instagram Stories to make the best use of it. These are:

  • The number of posts that you are allowed to add to your Instagram Stories is unlimited at any given point of time
  • This feature is available to any type of business globally and
  • These Stories are only available on the mobile Instagram app.

That means as of now you will not be able to send these Instagram Stories as direct messages. However, since most of the people access the Instagram site through the smartphone app instead of the website, this is something that you should not really worry about.

Therefore, if you still have not partnered with Instagram and the influencers find these reasons good enough to do so immediately.

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