Safe Payment of E-Challans

Safe Payment of E-Challans

Digitization of payments has made life easy and smooth for most of us. Thanks to online payment methods, you can now shop at the drop of a hat from the comfort of your home and not only that. You can make the payments of essential monthly bills on a timely basis; you can book tickets to travel by train, bus, metro or flight and lots more. There are other aspects too – for example, making fine payments or paying for an e challan using the digital method.

When you violate traffic rules, you are stopped by the traffic police and handed a challan. A paper challan is what you used to get till about few years back. Today many states in the country have adopted the e challan system where the traffic rule violators are handed over a digitized challan. When fined now, you can choose to pay safely instead of cash – you have only two options to pay the Traffic Department of your city.

  1. Use net banking and transfer direct from your bank account to the Traffic department’s account.
  2. Use a third party ecommerce payment collection platform like Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe and pay using their payment Apps.

Online payments have made life smarter

This is true! Imagine carrying around cash in your wallet or purse. Half of the time you would be guarding and checking your purse and wallet to make sure that nothing is missing. Compare it to today’s scenario – a payment App safely stored on your smartphone. With most third-party resellers and collection platforms offering e-wallet services, you do not even have to carry your credit and debit cards in your wallet anymore. The only thing you would need to ensure is that your e-wallet has enough balance. It’s all about paying smartly and staying safely now!

How to pay for an e-challan?

It is very easy. While the bank transfer method may have certain safety issues with it for it is directly connected to your bank account; the payment via a third party App or software is free from all such risks. In order to pay for your e-challan, you would simply need to open the App, enter your username and password to login, enter your city and then the vehicle number followed by the challan number and then finally choose the payment method. You can pay for the e challan using a credit card, debit card, Netbanking or your digital wallet. After selecting the payment option, enter the relevant details and click submit for the process to continue. In just few seconds to few minutes, the money will be debited from your respective account and transferred to the merchant’s account. You will then be prompted and informed via a message and an email on your official id about the success of the transaction and the confirmation of the payment of the challan online.

Safe and secure, there are no tensions with the online payment method. You should ensure, however, that for the transaction you have chosen a credible and reputed service provider so that there are no issues related to online theft and hacking.

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