Mobile App Development

The Reason Behind The App Crash In The Mobile App Development

Many apps are work based on their respective OS. Smartphone users get increased. Due to the growth of smartphone users, the app developers were getting in demand. And there are multiple methods to create apps. The next generation is moving towards an innovate technology called artificial intelligence. This is going to create a huge impact on many professions. The app developers were going to get the biggest future based on the pay. But the app that is built must be more efficient to use without any dissatisfaction from the client is an important objective for the developers. Thus I have mentioned one of the major defects that face by the user by using apps is nothing but the app crash and the reason behind it.

  1. Memory Management

The human brain gets jammed when it is overloaded with many functions at a time, the same process is held in the smartphone too. The smartphone was built with integrated circuit chips; even it has a thermal state when it crosses the limit the chip gets spoiled the same way when you cross the limit of storage in a smartphone then the apps get confused and it starts to get crashed. Its nothing but your memory is trained to handle based on the designed storage. It can carry over either 8bit or maybe 32 bit and still too. Thus if the user gets the increase by you then the bit is nothing but a data gets weighted and starts to crash via the load process.

  1. Network Management

Now, most of the apps were used to operate through network either for the data or for the third party access. There might be poor network management due to which the application gets lost its required data to operate. And there might be an issue when you get the switch from the cellular network to Wi-Fi by this connection might be lost and the app gets distorted. So it is necessary to maintain the network in a flow that might not affect the app like this does not depend on the OS hence the developers must think to get routed from it.

  1. The Bug makes a Drop

The major reason to cause a mobile crash in many smartphones is due to the interference of the bug. This is due to a new app or feature that is introduced to your smartphone which may impact the other part of the application. There are many options to avoid this kind of error. Now, most of the smartphone was getting an in-built option to block the bug related app to install, which can possible to remove the block also by the settings from your smartphone. But it is necessary to acknowledge by the device to avoid errors that might worst your device mechanism.

  1. Error in the Front-End System

It is necessary to drive the mobile according to the specification if it doesn’t match the requirement of the features it gets confused to handles the work. Consider if an app is running and the image that is displaying is not at all fit for the devices then it might disappoint the user to use hence it is important by the tester to check the app from the back-end whether it is working in the devices in every aspect of its needs that it’s designed. There are many ways to get check the app features which is important for the app developers to sustain their market.

  1. Integration Properties

The back-end of any system carries out the data to function with proper accessibility. The same way the back-end of the smartphone is also important. It decides the function limits of the devices.  It should match the specification of the features that are corporate with the work that users do such as app handling for any task. If the limit exceeds the integration part then we can easily say that the device is going to get in trouble. Hence it is important to work under the properties of the devices that are designed without affecting the usability.

  1. Database Inconvenience

Every system needs a database to operate. It should maintain in a secure and structured way. It also impacts on the app to crash from which the collection of required data for the app to work. For example, if you are running a blockchain app and suddenly the database of the app gets distorted then it is difficult to operate the transaction form the network where the queries get collapsed. Even excessive sessions can also drag the performance down. Hence it is important to maintain the network and app properties in proportion to avoid the database oscillation to prevent the app crash.

  1. Too much Code

The code that is written for the app must work in a user-friendly manner. It should not make the user get hard to find the solution to use because it makes the user get angry and by the that the mobile features by his confusing state they might lose the control and the apps get collapsed by the usage which in resultance it leads to crash the app. Hence it is necessary to build the app in a simple design that does not affect the user’s mind. The design is not how it looks; the design is how it works.

  1. Device Test cycle

The very most important job for the app developers from app development companies is to check the device app function based on its feature that builds. The testing must be done in every possible way that the user makes use of the app. And even there are many tools to find out the error but it is important to check more concisely to not interfere with any bug. The process of the software test life cycle has a quiet wavy process. It is important to maintain the device to run in every aspect of the app features.


The listed reasons are one of the top reasons for the app crash. Hence it will be more useful for the app developers to make a note down the points to avoid the app crash.

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