Music Career Planning

Music Career Planning: Discover How to Plan Your Marketing through Android Music Entertainment Platform

To help you plan your music career marketing, we will understand how to select short, medium and long term goals, and how to select the tools we will use in our marketing.

In this post, we will understand basic and fundamental principles and concepts for planning marketing actions for beginning artists on and off the internet.

This work is done with marketing agencies and the vast majority of artists, singers and musicians only have access to this type of service after signing a contract with them.

In this case, I will show you some planning techniques used by these same agencies.

Music career planning: Setting the goal of your disclosure

To begin planning a marketing action from any aspect, we first need to decide what the goal to be achieved is.

A goal must be substantial, have a clear motive. It may seem obvious, but many musicians start spreading without even setting a clear goal, or spread just for the sake of it, and then complain that they didn’t get results.

When you ask someone to listen to your music, download your CD, like your page, or watch your clip, do you know what you’re asking for it?

You want as many people to hear and see your work, but you know exactly what for? That is the first thought.

Unfortunately, popularity on the internet is not easy to achieve unless supported by other media. Very few songs freely available on the internet go viral. Therefore, “becoming a viral” is not the most suitable goal for those who are just starting out.

When it comes to putting your goals on paper, it is also important to put the list of benefits it will bring to your career. Then choose goals that will bring you short, medium and long term benefits.

Make this chart below in an Excel spreadsheet or even paper. In one column, describe the benefits you need; in another, the goal you need to reach to get the benefit; and in the last, the tasks that must be performed to achieve the goal.

Some examples of goals to achieve in planning:

  • Reach more fans (your target audience);
  • Get more show contracts;
  • Increase video views
  • Reach out to influential people;
  • Appear in the media;
  • Sell an independent job.

What tools to use in performing your music online marketing planning

After identifying your goals and outlining your goals and tasks, the next step is to identify which tools and professionals will be needed to achieve your results. After that, put everything on paper so that once started, you know where to focus.

Let’s take as an example the release of a music video on YouTube. What social media, tools and professionals will you have to use to reach your goal?

Platforms to be worked on the internet:

  • Official music website
  • TME, a music entertainment platform – To get listed your music tracks in top music library Android Apps
  • Facebook – Get traffic to the site
  • Instagram – Get fan engagement and more authority
  • Twitter – Maintain relationships and get traffic
  • YouTube – Where the music video will be hosted
  • LinkedIn – Seek relationships with influential people
  • Google Analytics – To monitor the progress of visits and downloads
  • Google Adwords – To get show contracts
  • Marketing Consultant – To assist with design and implementation (highly recommended if you want and can)

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