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Web Development and Mobile Adaptability

Today’s current competitive online market still doesn’t mean that you cannot gain at least some edge on the World Web Web for your business’s internet presence. In fact over the next 10 years the way we use and search the internet will change and evolve – it is all about staying up to date with the latest trends.

Mobile apps and responsive websites are the latest additions to the internet market. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we view and search for information online. The latest of these two new to the net features is mobile application development.

Web design Essex is one company that has been involved in the development of bespoke mobile applications for their customers. Their team works hard with their customers to bring to the table the exact design and functionalities that will bring their customer’s company forward in the digital world. Branding, customer loyalty functions, events and newsletter functionalities built-in as well as easy to use shopping carts.

Having a mobile app can help stop that competition coming in and grabbing market share – your market share at that!

If you offer the right product/service that is easily accessible via an easy to use the app, then there is no need for your customers to go searching on the web for that they need. Having an app that evolves over time to improve customer experience and functionality will ensure that your business is one step ahead of the competitors.

As contradictory to the above as this may sound, it is also very important to have a mobile-friendly (responsive website). If you have a mobile app, then the place your customers are most likely to discover your app is on your website. Even before they download the app they will want to “Get to Know” your business by searching through and reading the sales pages, product/service pages, blogs and other information you have on your website. This is a crucial part of the buyer behavior model.

So the next questions are “Which type of device do you think your customers are more likely to search the aforementioned pages on your site?” – 90% of the time it is going to be on their mobile device.

What about the costs?

We can’t really beat about the bush here because mobile apps and responsive web development are not overly cheap; however, that does not mean it is out of anyone’s price range by any means.

If you are a start-up, then you probably want to keep costs down in the beginning and so a responsive WordPress theme for your website is more than affordable. There are also plenty of Web 2.0 sites such as WordPress and Weebly that will allow you to initially build a site very easily for as little as $70 per year.

There are also plenty of places you can get mobile apps online for free. They are drag and drop simple apps that suit quite a lot of business needs for start-ups that are not yet sure about making a larger investment into a mobile app that will cater for 100s of customers.

What happens when your client base grows?

This is something you will have to keep an eye on very closely. Use Google Analytics or some type of web analytics program in order to ensure that you understand the volume of traffic coming to your website.

Time to Upgrade your Website/Mobile App

There are plenty of reasons why you should upgrade.

  1. Your competitor is now one step ahead of you with a better website and app
  2. Your sales have improved and giving your customers an improved customer experience is now an affordable prospect
  3. Your web traffic is increasing month-by-month – time to give those users something they can really sink their teeth into

Weighing it up, your business should be implementing mobile app technology and your website should 100% be responsive or you will be losing all those potential customers that hit your site via a mobile search. Naturally, mobile users are going to find the website that easiest to use on their mobile. This is where the aforementioned Essex web design company could come in useful.

If your site is not responsive, check your bounce rates – see if most of those bounce rates are coming from mobile devices – this will be the number of potential customers you are losing or could have possibly reached.

We hope you enjoyed reading our first blog. We apologize in advance if we missed other vital details out. We tried to be as brief as possible but at the same time fit in as much detail as we can without boring you with the deep techy side to a mobile application and responsive website development. And please stay tuned for more blogs coming on our site. We hope this makes for an interesting read.

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