Shopify vs Wix – Who to Choose?

One of the biggest decisions that we have to make when embarking on our new online venture is which online website builder to use. This choice can make our lives easier or more difficult, depending on if we choose the correct platform to meet our needs. When it comes to website builders that offer E-commerce tools, Wix and Shopify are the two main contenders. This article will focus on helping you choose the best platform for you.

To help us with the decision of ShopifyvsWix, we will briefly look at the two platforms and compare some of the most crucial aspects that one has to consider. Some of the essential components include things like interface, ease of use, features, flexibility, tools, SEO, mobility, support, recourses and pricing.


Shopify is a platform that is dedicated to E-commerce and thus it is very comprehensive. If we look at their numbers, they have helped over 600 000 businesses to date. All of these businesses together have succeeded in generating over $55 billion in revenue.


Wix is one of the biggest contenders in the world of drag-n-drop website builders. On top of their website building features, they offer comprehensive E-commerce development (especially for smaller businesses). Their numbers show that they have more than 130 million Wix created websites spanned over 190 countries. On top of this, they also host 90 million domains with 4 million subscribers on their paid plans. Not all of these Wix customers use it as an E-commerce platform, but it does show that they are a superpower in the industry.


The best way to make an educated decision is to have a look at the aspects that will affect your business the most and see which platform has the most to offer in that area.

Ease of use

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to smaller businesses! For a small business, you are going to want to do as many things yourself as possible in order to keep costs low and very few people are tech wizards so it has to be easy for even newbies to set things up and to make changes.

Shopify is very flexible in this area and you can personalize your store without having technical skills, you simply choose themes and then drag-n-drop particulars.

Wix prides them on the fact that you can set up your online store in 7 easy steps, these steps are also doable by first-timers. They also have more sophisticated features for the more advanced users.


Both Wix and Shopify offer the following:

  • Out of the box, features to help you customize, manage your presence and convert.
  • 3rd party app solutions.
  • Hosting and backups.
  • Migration help.


Both platforms offer a variety of tools to manage your SEO. SEO has become one of the make or break aspects of any online enterprise and thus the different tools are worth checking out in more detail.


Not much difference here with Shopify costing $29/m and Wix costing $30/m. These are the basic packages and from there you can upgrade to a package that suits your needs more fully.

Do as much research as possible before making your decision between WixvsShopify, because it is much harder to migrate later on.

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