Vacation Rental Websites

Offer Responsive Vacation Rental Websites in No Time

Most marketers like to keep their niche discoveries to themselves. If they have found a way to crack a particular niche and offer true value while at the same time make a decent profit from their VERY SATISFIED customers, then why would they want to share their strategy.

Well, there is enough business to go around in this industry, and so we are going to uncover, in brief, a strategy being used my online marketing firms within the vacation rental niche.

Vacation rentals are booming and according to some vacation rental statistics, 32% of property investors have plans to enter the vacation rental market.

On average a vacation rental property can fetch up to $217 per night, which amounts to a whopping $6,510 per month if that place is full all year around. No wonder investors are eyeing up this marketplace, and it comes as no surprise that digital marketers are jumping on the bandwagon.

A Digital Marketers Dream Niche Industry!

One of the reasons digital marketers can do so well helping vacation rental property investors and owners is because they can take all the hard work that needs to be done online off of the property owner’s hands. What’s more, is, the monthly price that a digital marketer can charge would be a fraction of what the property owner is making, and at the same time, the digital marketing company can still make money almost on autopilot.

  1. Using Vacation Rental Website Builders Takes Little Time to Set Up

The initial setting up of a vacation rental marketing website can take less than half a day. That is if you already have the branded logos, property photos and content at hand. If not, then add a little extra time to have the graphics and images prepared as well as content prepared. Loading all of these onto a vacation rental website takes no time at all.

Here Are Just Some of The Features:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile responsive
  • No web design work is needed
  • Fully brandable website
  • Low monthly fees
  • Built-in booking system
  • Built-in chat
  • Built-in payment system
  • Channel manager
  • WordPress plug Ins
  • Multi-platform widgets

In essence, as a digital marketer, you can offer a fully responsive vacation rental website with all the functions built-in within 24 hours if you had your processes set up correctly.

You can use this vacation rental software download on this page for more information. Literally everything you need to know as a digital marketer is there.

  1. Adding Your Client’s Properties to Other Vacation Websites

Step 2 after creating a branded website would be to list your client’s properties on as many free vacation rental listing websites as possible. This is simple too. You apply to become a host in order to allow people to rent the property out as a holiday home. This is simply done by putting up the listing and letting the website approve the listing.

There are literally hundreds of these websites available. Check out the top recommended vacation rental websites here.

The key idea here is to help your customer save time by managing the following:

  • Uploading high-quality images and graphics
  • Creating a high-quality sales pitch/profile
  • Quality and accurate property descriptions
  • Calendar management (see channel manager below)
  • Dealing with the vacation rental website support teams
  1. Set Up A Central Email Management System

Central email management is important. What you have to understand here is that you are setting up host accounts on multiple vacation rental websites.

When a message comes through on one of these websites, an email alert will be sent to the email address used as the contact on the vacation rental website. Your business or your client will need an instant email alert to be able to know a message has been sent and which website it came from in order to be able to use that website’s chat function.

  • Download the vacation rental website’s messaging app for iOS or Android
  • Set up shortcuts on web browsers for fast login to the vacation rental website’s chat page
  • Email alerts should come into a central email box

All vacation rental websites will have a downloadable app. This means that any customer inquiries that come through will be alerted on a smartphone device. This is important for people that are looking to book right away.

  1. Implement a Channel Manager

One of the most important aspects of this entire set up is the channel manager. The channel manager will be centralized on the website builder used.

As an example, if you use the Lodgify website builder suggested in the first section “Using Vacation Rental Website Builders”, which is on the link to vacation rental software download, then there is a channel manager built into this website builder. Or Lodgify also provides a WordPress plugin or widget for other systems such as Wix, Squarespace and so on.

This channel manager calendar will communicate with all other calendars on the other vacation rental websitesset up in section 2 “Adding Your Client’s Properties to Other Vacation Websites”. Any booking that comes in on any one of those calendars the channel manager knows about it.

It is then the job of the channel manager to tell all the other calendars that for X property X,Y, and Z dates have booked and are now unavailable. This gives your client a fully automated calendar management system and avoids the same property being booked twice on two different websites.

It is masterful, and the beauty of it all, not many people going into the vacation rental business know about the channel manager tool or how to use one, so you can imagine how powerful this tool is as a selling point in a sales meeting. “No More Double Bookings” and ‘Fully Automated” are music to any property owners’ ears.

  1. Add-On Services

As a digital marketing company, there are numerous services you can add on to the above. Social Media management, blog management, email list management, and so on.

Here is a quick list of other services you can offer:

  • Content management
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Social media services
  • Newsletters and email marketing
  • SEO and SEM services

You could even go as far as offering to provide online customer services and support team to answer guest inquiries, manage cleaner schedules, maintenance companies, bill payments management, and more.

Although these latter mentioned services are essentially property management services, if you can set up a team that can manage an all-in-one package like this, then you can grow from a digital marketing company to a niche vacation rental property management firm that also includes marketing as part of the service.

An Overall Easy Digital Marketing Package to Offer

The best part of all of this is that it is actually quite simple to set up if you have the correct processes in place. Furthermore, the set up does not take that long at all, so you can have your client’s online presence up and running in no time at all.

Added bonuses include full support from the website builder so no messing around website code and the website’s responsive codes are continuously updated without any need for your web dev team to get involved.

Next, all the vacation rental websites have messaging apps readily available for download with built-in alerts. On top of this, if your agency has graphic designers and content writers, then you also have all these very important bases covered.Getting the messaging and email comms side of the marketing plan correct is very important, but once again as long as you have strict processes in place, then this will not be a problem.

Finally, the channel manager sweetens the entire deal for all parties involved as you can have single or multiple properties listed on several vacation rental websites and booking management for dates is fully automated. After that, you will also have the opportunity to offer other digital marketing services!

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