Instagram Is Too Good A Platform To Ignore For Brand Building

Instagram is actually a huge platform and a too good one to ignore if you want to create a better brand awareness and build your business using social media. You will be at a loss if you overlook and not use the potential of this platform as most of the major brands irrespective of their type of business already have and reaping the benefits.

However, it was not the same with Instagram always. When it was just a simple startup app it was not so popular and when Facebook took it over for $1 billionthere were a lot of critics that showed their dissent against such a move. At that time, it was just an app where people used to ‘show off’ literally their DSLR camera skills.

That was just five years ago.

  • Over the years, Instagram has seen immense growth and has gained an equally large user base.
  • Everyone now seems to understand and use the potential of this photo and video sharing platform to the fullest, whether it is for their personal or business objectives.

In fact, even Facebook did not foresee that real threat that Instagram would pose to it in 2019.

User base growth

It is the character of Instagram’s and its immense amount of data produced that has made it so useful a platform and valuable to the users, especially the business owners. It helps businesses in the growth of their future prospects in a great way.

The growth in the userbase has been substantial and alarming for a few social media channels, including Facebook. According to a 2015 report:

  • Instagram has now exceeded the 300 million users’ mark
  • It reached the 150 million user mark in half the time taken by Twitter
  • It has grown more than 600% since its acquisition and
  • It is the most viable and popular platform for most of the marketers as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

All these numbers and facts should already have sparked the interest in you to use Instagram and its followers for your business promotion needs. If not, it is a pity.

The marketing strategies

It is high time that you turn your marketing visions to Instagramtoo.  However, going all by you may not provide the same results as most of the businesses have achieved till now. Take a cue from a few of the inspirational companies that have researched and used the potential of Instagram to the best of it.

You must know that marketing on Facebook and Twitter is much simpler and different as compared to marketing on Instagram. You should follow proper and proven marketing strategies. In order to develop the most suitable strategy for marketing on Instagram you will need to know all that it takes such as:

  • Creativity
  • Lots of effort andmost importantly
  • A clear personality.

This is because this platform is essentially a photo and short video sharing app wherein you are restricted to add any text. Though you are allowed to tag and add captions to the pictures and videos, you are not supposed to write anything else. However, you can write your bio and attach but that too has the limitation of characters. That means you will need to make sure of the following:

  • The photos should be attractive
  • Relevant to the message you want to convey
  • Relates well with your brand and product and
  • Tells a story.

On the other hand, when you create your Instagram bio, make sure that the bio is:

  • Short and crisp
  • Informative and
  • Free from junk.

But most importantly, it should have a memorable link on which the users can click to visit your actual business site to know more about you, your brand and product. Chances are high that they will end up making a buying decision. This will make your Instagram marketing strategy a success.

A few good marketing techniques

The experts in Instagram marketing suggest that there are a few basic techniques to build the best Instagram marketing strategies.

  • Apart from displaying the best pictures and videos on Instagram, you must make sure that you associate it with the lifestyle of your target audience. This will relate well, encourage them to include your product in the life and therefore will sell well.
  • Another extremely effective marketing technique is to make sure that your pictures reach out to more and more people out there. You can make it more effective by using clear and proper hashtags. If you want to reach out to high-end consumers then you must direct your hashtags accordingly.
  • Keep you art work tongue-in-cheek and make sure that you offer people with something that they will really enjoy and feel encouraged to start a conversation. This will result in higher level of engagement along with an increase in the chances of conversion.
  • Sometimes, strange and controversial content also get real likesand often much more quickly as compared to ordinary photo updates. However, you will need to make sure that this strangeness has something to do with your message, brand or product and can be easily understood and relatable by the users.
  • In addition to that an Instagram page may also explode in popularity if you incorporate humor, emotion, and subtlety in your content. However make sure that it is unobtrusive and does not distract the followers from the message that you actually want then to know.

Therefore, you can be creative as much as you can but do not deviate from your message and intent. Otherwise, it will not help in your marketing efforts and your brand will not receive the due recognition simply due to your thoughtless creation. The best marketing technique however is to add emotion and a personal touch in your content. You can do this by showing people engaged behind the scenes or people actually using your product in your video. This will surely establish an instant connection with your followers.

Therefore, with so much potential, it will be unwise from your part to ignore Instagram and not include it in your marketing campaigns.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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