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Gaming Apps Vs Online Games – What Should Be Your Pick

The gaming industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Currently, there are more than 2.3 billion gamers all over the world.  In 2017, it was worth 78.61 billion dollars. This amount is likely to increase to 90 billion dollars by 2020!

The gaming industry is quite diverse. You will find both professional gamers as well as those who play for fun during their leisure times. To cater to the needs of the various types of players, developers have made games available on multiple platforms. This includes gaming apps, online games, consoles, etc.

There is a constant debate on whether online games or gaming apps are better. Are you also wondering which of the two types of games you should dedicate your limited time to? To better make the decision, it is imperative that you understand the merits of both online games and gaming apps.

The merits of online games

Online gaming is gaining immense popularity with every passing day. Here is why.

Wide selection to select from

One of the best things about online games is that a single platform allows you to access a wide variety of games to choose from. For instance, Unlimited Gamez Mo will enable you to choose between a plethora of games. The different categories include adventure, puzzles, cooking games, shooting games, etc. For people who are quickly bored by playing the same games, such platforms are the perfect escape since they don’t limit you to a few options.

They are affordable

Most gaming apps have freemium or premium models. It is hard to find gaming that is devoid of any expense. Freemium model refers to apps which require in-app purchases to enjoy the features of the game. Premium apps require an upfront fee. While not all online games are free of cost, even those who charge a price have a considerably lower fee. Moreover, considering that most platforms sport a wide variety of games, per game fee comes very minimal, making online gaming a worthy choice.

It allows you to interact

The online gaming community is quite close to knit. In most gaming apps, you are required to play against a computer. Even if you compete against other players, seldom is the case that you are provided with an avenue to interact with them actively.

However, this is not the case with online games. Here, you can easily interact with other gamers. This helps in developing your social skills and enables you to feel part of a community. But, at the same time, some may also argue that spending too much time online has the potential to create a generation which is socially disconnected from those around them.

Easy gameplay

While gaming apps generally have elegant storylines and complex gameplay, this is usually not the case with online games. Most online games that you will find in the market are some of the most basic games. While this might act as a disadvantage for professional gamers, for people merely looking to have a fun time, the simple and easy to understand interface is precisely what they need.

Accessible on a variety of devices

What do you do if the tablet or phone your game app was downloaded on drains out of battery? How can you then continue to play your favorite game? When it comes to online games, this is not an issue since online games are compatible on a wide array of devices. Whether it be phones, PC or tablets, all you need is a sound internet connection, and voila you can play your way to victory in your favorite game, regardless of where you are.

No storage needed

Gaming apps take up space on your device. And you only have limited storage in your phone or tablet. This is why, with gaming apps, you constantly have to wonder whether a given game is worth space. You have to choose between options because you can’t have them all. In the online world, nothing stops you from playing as many games as you want. This is because, as the name implies, such games don’t need your internal storage to function.

Merits of gaming apps

Regardless of how popular online games become, gaming apps still have a significant share in the market. This is because of the following factors.

Better graphics

The quality of the games that are offered in the form of apps is much better than online games. This is because such apps can leverage the various features of their host device to deliver a better interface to its users. For people who wish for a game to look visually pleasing, gaming apps always have a distinct advantage.

Better customization and storytelling

Because gaming apps use internal storage to save the data of the game, they can customize the experience as per the gamer. For instance, let’s say you reach a certain pivotal point in the game. But, now your work demands you to take a few days off. Regardless of how many days later you come back to the game, all your progress will be saved. This is often not the case with online games.

Upgrades and additional features

You can call an online game to be a no-frills version of games offered through apps. Their graphics are satisfactory. The plot is basic. And the complexity is minimal. For professional gamers, most online games are a tad too basic. Gaming apps are a better solution because they offer additional features. They also include various upgrades that keep the users hooked to the storyline and game.

Which to pick?

Both online games and gaming apps have their own sets of merits. It is not a simple this or that situation. This is because both platforms have something to offer to users. Whether or not you like what they offer depends on what you want from your game. If you wish for options, and an easy win, online games is the right answer for you. But, if you crave for a challenge and impressive graphics, a gaming app will work better.

Know what you want from the gaming experience and decide accordingly.

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