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Mejores VPN

How to watch Netflix in the USA?

It goes without saying – everybody knows what Netflix is. This is not just an American company, this is more of a lifestyle brand in this day and age. People from all over the world have heard about it, and what’s more – it’s accessible to virtually everyone, regardless of where they live or work.

If you’re working in America but aren’t an English native speaker, there are all kinds of problems you could have with this wonderful show host – you might not understand the captions or the actual spoken language. Luckily, there are means to help yourself in this situation.

Main problems with USA Netflix

Basically, you always need to know where you’ve subscribed to your Netflix. If you’re originally from EU, you have an EU Netflix subscription. If you’re from Australia, you have an Australian Netflix subscription. The real difference starts to stick out when you check out the Netflix USA.

We will talk more about the exclusive libraries, but for start, know that the USA Netflix works for USA Netflix subscribers – your subscription will need to be adapted, or in some cases, cancelled and then renewed.

The process is relatively simple and straightforward, so all you need to do is adjust your subscription accordingly.

Exclusive libraries

Essentially, it all falls down where you are, not necessarily where you are from. You can still use, for example, your French Netflix Subscription in the USA, but you won’t be able to watch the shows from the so called ‘exclusive libraries’. You might not have known that since Netflix is originally an American company, American citizens who have USA subscription have access to a huge number of shows.

In fact, USA Netflix hosts several times more shows than any other version of Netflix subscription (a good example is Spanish subscription, mainly because this version of Netflix offers roughly a third of the USA Netflix catalogue).

So, there are more than several reasons why you should consider using Mejores VPN.  The Netflix estados unidos is superior in every possible way to all other versions of Netflix. That’s why everyone wants to change over to USA Netflix. Because of the way the subscription works, it is absolutely possible for any user to use Netflix in the United States, and basically in every other place.

Global Accounts

A global account means that we can connect to our Netflix regardless of where we are, but the catalogue of shows is limited to the place where we are at a given point in time.  So, if we are in Spain, we can only access Netflix Spain and the corresponding catalogue.

And if we travel to France, we will have access to the French library and the subtitles in French, although most of the films will still be available in English, we will not have the same content as at home. The greatest things about global Netflix accounts is that you can watch Netflix anywhere, at any time.

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