The Modern Business Dilemma

The Modern Business Dilemma: Freelancer VS Digital Agency

The widespread use of technology and the Internet create broader opportunities for everything, especially in handling and achieving the most of every business. As Internet users continue to explore and discover better ways to make every business successful, the challenge then is to what can work for a particular brand or service you have. Aside from weighing the possibilities of using traditional or digital, another thing to consider is to choose between a freelancer or a digital agency.

In deciding between hiring a freelancer or getting a digital agency to handle your business, here are some of the things that need to be considered while choosing two of the most innovative and effective ways in handling the marketing of your business:


In every planning, the costing must be the primary consideration. Hiring freelancers can be applicable, but only for single projects with particular requirements. But for more and complicated projects, digital agencies should be considered, since it can save you time and money to find other persons to handle the job.


In connection to the abovementioned matter, another important rule that works both for the freelancer and digital agency is to never compromise the budget for the quality of the project. Cheaper and low-quality projects aren’t practical and will cost more in the long run, that is why it is better to invest bigger that you benefit your brand for a longer time.

Choosing freelancer in ways that they aren’t practical to do like handling more projects can affect not only the pricing since it can cost more expensive, but also the type of results they make for the project.


With the budget comes the size of the project and the length of time to accomplish it. For a smaller and less complicated project, hiring a freelancer is better. But for bigger and longer projects, it is more practical to look for a digital agency to cater to every aspect of the project.


This works more for digital agencies, wherein there are additional services that can be used aside from what is agreed for a particular project, like:

  • Blog writing and posting
  • Designing and organizing newsletters
  • Creating, managing and updating the social media profile
  • Establishing a monthly, quarterly or annual plan
  • Identifying and managing the key performance indicators (KPI)

You can make the most of these additional services if they have because these will certainly provide better information and access to your venture.


Aside from the pricing, size of the project and how long it needs to be accomplished, other essential factors have to ponder before choosing a freelancer or a digital agency, since these two have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to providing the best for your business.

You also have to think about the essentiality and impact of the project to your business, how big or small or any amount that needs to be done in order to finish the project, what is your vision for your project, if you will be needing assistance, and the type of help that your project will need.

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