Promotional Video For Business Campaigns

How To Create A Promotional Video For Business Campaigns?

Social media is always growing and evolving. Amidst a vast array of content that is rapidly becoming outdated, only video content is performing as steadily as it was two years ago. According to Cisco, by 2021, video traffic will amount to more than 82% of the entire web traffic. Whether it is on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, the video is still alive, and it is beckoning all businesses. Photography is also there, but the target audiences of most new enterprises and startups now want to see promotional videos and teasers of new products.

As we have heard a million times, “making a promotional video is difficult.” However, with modern technology and easy availability of professional photographers and videographers, we’d be surprised if you haven’t already tried making a promotional video. To make an impactful promotional video, you should follow these steps –

  1. Find your inspiration

Have you watched the promotional ad campaigns of the new businesses that are booming right now? They are anything but not-driven. You need to find the right inspiration for your promotional video. Look at your competitors, take a peek outside your niche, and find out about the works of a professional videographer near you.

Discussing your ideas and goals with professionals can help you shortlist before the shoot. Knowing why you want to create the video will automatically help you out with the “how.”

  1. Do your homework

In your previous trysts with video production, you may have felt that your videographer or cinematographer missed the point. It only happens when you have not completed your homework! You should pick the direction of the film. Here’s a list of the possible courses your brand video can take –

  • Explanatory: you can feature a specific product and explain how it works or why its superior
  • Introductory: you can engage with your audience over your brand’s mission and vision
  • Narrative: it is common to use story-like elements to introduce a brand or product
  • Testimonial: you might want to thank your buyers through the video for a particular achievement
  • Action driven: it is the most difficult, but most rewarding of all. In these videos, brands ask their consumers to take action (purchase or subscribe).

Before you get down to filming, you have a lot of work to do. You need to go through the script and narration, speak with the actors, convey the emotions you want to see and communicate with your videographer. Without direct communication, it is impossible to capture the right emotions and message in a business video, no matter how much you spend on the shooting and editing.

  • Set the budget

Speak with a couple of photography and videography companies in your neighborhood. Talk to your peers about their experiences with these companies. Compare their charges and the facilities they will be providing. Visit A Wing Visuals Videographer to learn more about choosing the right videographer for a business shoot. Learning about the distinguishing features of a professional photography and videography company will help you see past their charges. However, make sure that you have a set budget for the shoot, edits, and promotions. Talk to the company of your choice for a final estimation of your expenses.

  1. Find the message in the message

Every promotional video should have at least one of these five objectives –

  • Educating the target consumer
  • Driving brand awareness among the target market
  • Boosting sales in the upcoming quarters
  • Improving traffic on the website and the brick-and-mortar stores
  • Driving consumer engagement

We have seen fantastic cinematography and direction fall apart due to an absolute lack of a core message. You need to think beyond making your short film or ad film look good. Your promotional video should be able to achieve at least two aims –

  • It should promote your business and products
  • It should instill an emotion or feeling in your viewers

Without these two objectives, any great video can become hollow. Your video should be able to make your audience feel happy, nostalgic, or loved. There should be an additional element of relatability that should speak to the target viewers. An easy way of achieving this is by asking what you want your audience to feel once the promo video ends. Once you find the answer, you will come closer to the success of your video.

  1. Is your video inexpensive or cheap?

When you are running a business or making decisions on behalf of the CEO, you should know the difference between cheap and inexpensive. You can DIY the video and forego the editing, and publish it on YouTube directly. What do you think the impact would be? Do you think people would watch a shaky video without any color balance? Do you think it will promote your products in the right light?

Even when you have a limited budget, you need to pay attention to the quality of the video. That means vetting your photographer and videographer options carefully, choosing the best editing team within the budget, choosing indoor locations over exotic outdoors and much more. However, inexpensive never means compromising on the essentials of videography. When you are working on a small budget, you might have to put in some legwork to find the best new-coming videographer or filmmaker for the project, but you should never try DIY-ing it.

Working with an experienced videography company can not only provide you with excellent quality footage with professional editing, but they can also help you set the tone of your message. Whether you want to portray your brand as quirky, hip, cool, traditional or luxurious, a few touches of editing and simple color changes can make that happen overnight.

Experienced videographers have worked with multiple brands and companies. They have the experience it takes to make your promotional video a raging success. The budget should not decide its quality or message, and the professional videography companies understand that. To find the right style of video, the correct tone, and the perfect frame to uphold your brand message, check out professional videography and photography teams in your area.

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