A Successful Gaming App

How To Create A Successful Gaming App?

Enabling a firm to stand on the grounds of virtual gaming is not as simple as it sounds. Although there are countless success stories of companies with stunning apps, for every game that climbs up the ladder, there are hundreds which failed. Rovio is a good example to illustrate this point. This company which is popular for its creation “Angry Birds” has a history of 51 failed attempts.

Regardless, we must admit the fact that mobile gaming is a market with incredible potentials for revenue generation. Admob reports that 62% of the smartphone users would install a game within the first week of their purchase — no wonder why many people want to get in on the game app action. Who knows, you might end up creating a digital masterpiece!

While it is true that one should set off with great inspiration, they must also evaluate all angles of the field. Scrutinize the market. What is it that users want? How will your product satisfy their needs? Ideally, it should be a niche that you love and fully understand. And then there is a whole list of actions to help you prevent your game from failures.

For better insight, here is a quick rundown of the key elements. These will help you to achieve instant success for your gaming app:

Start with a creative idea

There is no software or program to generate new ideas. It all comes from the human brain.

Your gaming app needs to be innovative and engaging. Most of the time, developers improvise on an existing idea instead of coming up with something new. This strategy may work sometimes or result in complete failure. Candy Crush is a brilliant example of improvisation.

Whatever you come up with, make sure it appeals to the masses. Cloning an existing app in the market will only lead to poor reputation and financial damages.

Identify the platforms

Once you have a clear vision, it is time to identify the best platform for success. Find out the trending platforms and those having a major influence on the market. There is a wide variety to choose from. You can go for Android, iOS, Blackberry, hybrid, etc.

Every platform comes with certain pros and cons. You must figure out the one preferred by your target audience. Along with that, check out the processing and graphical requirements of your game.

If you believe that your idea is functional and resilient, then a wise approach is to opt for multiple platforms. Most of the time, it is Android and iOS that developers pick to work on together. The cross-platform approach makes it possible for you to reach the maximum audience and enjoy increased visibility.

Keep it simple and secure

Complexity is fatal when it comes to app design. A user must be able to understand the mechanisms of the game within 30 seconds of entering into it. This doesn’t mean that scoring on your game has to be a piece of cake, but it only means that there should be less clutter.

Your app must not confuse visitors. The buttons and calls-to-action should be right there.

Make sure that the personal data required in your game stays safe. The word of an app’s insecurity travels fast on digital review forums. AirG reviews tell us how the company managed to take control of their security breaches. This company is now quite popular for its safe data collection apps.

Create stunning UX/UI design

You have higher chances of attracting users if the game has an intuitive and compelling UI. However, make sure you do not overwhelm the users with too many complicated controls. Instead of adding a lot of options, you should create a tutorial for the players. Then, introduce them to the controls gradually.

Also, the design graphics of your game should not create distorted pictures when played on high-resolution screens. A good practice is to design the graphics after paying due consideration to the maximum screen size and the highest possible resolution. This is because the pixels are easier to shrink than expand without making the image lose its picture quality.

Market well

You have to make your app known. It is important that people should have a look at it and play it, at least once. With an advertising campaign that has decent revenue, you can eventually gather an organic audience.

One way of getting an acknowledgment is to run ads on Facebook or Google. Each forum requires that you recognize your target audience and then aim for them. Or else, you end up blowing cash on people who have little concern with your app.

Get social

Social media is the central point for driving success to the apps. You can use various social media platforms that are available to you.  Forums like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have billions of users. These can turn into the fans of your app if you know how to reach out to them.

It all begins with creating a hype about your app. Impress your current players so much that they discuss your game with their friends. People are normally more inclined to trust the recommendations of their friends than the ads and reviews they read online. Additionally, most players love to show rewards and points on social media. They would share their performance on their newsfeed, and you can earn more followers.

Besides all these methods, you can always direct your campaign towards social media influencers and their communities. They have hundreds and thousands of people following them, so there are better chances of your game being famous. The bottom line is, including social media elements in your app development is mandatory if you want to thrive in the industry.

Things move at a rapid pace in the digital market. You can either create a success story or crash poorly overnight. It is all about how you tackle your app. After taking in all these rules, there is one thing that you must hold tight upon, and that is – to be ready for all kinds of challenges!

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