Protect Teens From Bigo Live

How To Protect Teens From Bigo Live App Dangers?

Now the particular technology in terms of mobile phones, social networking, and the internet is being used by the teens these days for earning by stripping online by using social networking app like Big Live.  So, stripping online for making money on Bing Live and doing porn illustrates how closely connected they are? Therefore, let’s get to know what is it and what it is all about.

Technology has been over our nerves since it has come in terms of digital devices likewise cellphones, gadgets, computer machines connected to the internet. Social media on the other hand oil the wheels of the young generation to communicate online with each other online all day long. Moreover, social media apps, internet and use of smartphone are shaping teens minds for pleasure, intimacy, and power as well.

Dramatically, since last few years’ people love to use social messaging apps to hang out online with friends online via text messages, conversations, audio, and video conversations and by share multimedia.

These days a new norm has been introduced to the young generation in the shape of live video streaming app Bigo. Teen are sharing their bodies to strangers using Bigo Live video streaming app.

 What is Bigo Live?

This is a live video streaming app that user can visit ion the Google Play store. It only requires a mere strap to use it for live video streaming. It means when the user uses it he/she will get rewards that really make it fascinating for the young users. There are plenty of rewards that the user can give it to each other.

Moreover, user can also buy gifts and then share it with the ones they would like to and receivers can exchange these kinds of gifts into real money. It empowers young teens to stream themselves to live on it and then teen used to of sharing their bodies in an inappropriate way to attract other users to make money by getting Bigo gifts.

Moreover, it is quite horrible for teens sharing their privacy to plenty of peoples at the same time. Initially, the social media app basically for the people that want to become famous, but later on young teens are using it for sharing their bodies and male teens are using it for chasing young teens, according to the CNN report.

Sexual grooming and absence content are the two major reason why this very dangerous for young teens. So, parents, these days are very insecure due to video streaming of this particular app in particular. Let’s get to know how parents can protect tweens and teens from Bigo Live dangers.

Install cell phone spy app on the target device

The very initial step that you need to take being parents is to visit the web and then you need to visit the phone spy app. Now you will receive credentials through an email. It is the time to have access on the target device where Bigo live is being installed. Moreover, when you have the physical access on the target device then you need to activate it on the target device.

 Moreover, when you have done with the process of activation then you need to use the passcode and ID then you need to get access to the online control panel where you will be able to find out the best tools that empower to monitor Bigo Live activities of your teens within no time.

Use Bigo Live screen recorder app

Once you have installed the cell phone surveillance app on the target device then you can visit the online control panel of the mobile phone monitoring software. Now you need to visit the powerful monitoring tools and get your hands on the Bigo live screen monitoring tool. You just need to tap on it and it will get started to perform live screen recording of your teen’s cell phone screen when Bigo live is activated on it.

An end user can simply make back to back short videos of the Bigo live when the end user is using it on the screen. Furthermore, the user can use the login ID and get access to the online control panel of the target device and visit the recorded videos in order to analyze teen’s activities to the fullest. No matter what how many times teens have used Bigo Live video streaming app screen recording will tell you the whole situation.


Parents can protect kids and teens from Bigo Live dangers to the fullest with the use of Live screen recorder software.

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