Making Android Work for You

Making Android Work for You, Not Hold You Hostage

In today’s world, we no longer have control of our lives. There was a time long, long ago where people did not carry Mobile devices around with them twenty-four hours a day. Technology has taken over. Some of the top app development companies have found ways to allow mobile devices to take charge of us, keep us at their beck and call. Yes, for many of us, that Android controls us, and that is wrong!

It is time that we regain control of our lives. Top app development companies and Android app development has actually given us the methods to take charge, all we have to do is put them to use and make them do what they were intended to do.

Together, we are about to turn your Android back into a device that works with you, for you to make your life easier. These tips will also enable you to become more productive in your life.

The first project to undertake is to organize your apps. Disorganization takes up too much of our time each day. The top app development company has developed hundreds of apps. We have many of those at our fingertips constantly. There are many on Android that we see and never give a second thought to.

If you combine apps by dragging an icon and hovering over another icon, this will create another folder. If you do business by using your mobile device, you can begin using google drive. This will allow you to move business folders to your business computer or to another device.

Fingoing to your settings, click on the accessibility then magnify. The fine print can be difficult for anyone to read. This can be remedied by going to your settings, click on accessibility then magnification. This will allow that with a gentle tap on the screen, it will enlarge and magnify what you are reading or looking at.

If you hate hearing the constant notifications when you are eating, spending time with the family or trying to rest, that is easily dealt with. Set your phone to a do not disturb setting. Or you can set the phone to only allow what you choose to get through and all else is stopped from disturbing you.

There are apps on every phone that use up the memory or slow down our phones. Thanks to apps, you can find which ones are draining the life out of your phone and remove them or disable them. If you want to find out, click settings, about the phone, to build a number; when there tap build a number several times until it says you are a developer. Then return to settings, tap on developer options and find either running Services or Process stats. This will show you a list of all apps running and you can disable the ones you do not need or are not using. When you choose the fate of those apps, this will speed your phone up and increase the memory.

Making Android Work for You

When you select settings then security and click on encrypt the device, you can stop hackers in their tracks. Some models of these Android devices may require additional steps. Simply go to storage and proceed to storage encryption or storage lock, security to other security and click on encrypt. Prevent any unwanted hackers from getting any of your information.

If you are experiencing rapid battery drainage and shut down, you can adjust the power usage for your device. In the settings, search for battery and then choose power saving.

Top app development companies have given Android users the options of tracking packages through the google app.

Another time-saving action you can innovate to your device is to set your home screen with all the icons for the apps you use most often. This will save time by not having to endlessly search for certain ones.

A big success of top app development companies was the plan to be able to go hands-free. Whether it is the blue-tooth ability or using voice to text or voice message; think of how much time is saved not typing all that text.

When you are trying to remember many dates for meetings, projects, birthdays and even date night, put android app development to use. Pull up your calendar, fill in all important dates, times, meetings or anything else of importance and let the mobile device remind you. You can also utilize the calendar by creating a separate one for business meeting s or business projects that will come due. You can share the calendar with others to remind them of daily meetings, weekly or even monthly.


Businesses can contact app developers and request their assistance to build, test and launch an Android app created for your business. There are also freelance android app developers looking for work. There are enhancements that can be added to android for strictly work. This will ensure that when employees have business phones, they are used for business and not everything else. Android ensures that it is easy to control all the devices for your company with a comprehensive management app.

The main thing to keep in mind is that Android app development has powerful security built in, and that helps keep your devices, all your data, information and private business private. The top app development companies have enabled the devices with apps and programs that we can utilize ourselves to keep us safe on mobile devices. Knowing that Android contains multiple levels of security that stops hacker’s intrusive behavior and also gives a quick recovery if it is ever needed.

Ultimately, when using the android apps for what they were originally intended, and taking the steps to ensure you are doing what you can, to keep your information and data safe; mobile devices will not control you, you can take charge of your life once again.

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