Bathroom Vanity

Decorating Your Bathroom Vanity

In the case of various types of bathroom vanities, the homeowner has a number of options to decorate their bathroom vanities in Sydney. There are various types of attractive designs of countertops which are available to the buyer in various price slots. One can choose between having an expensive strong granite top or a simple solid designed top. All the designs of bathroom vanities in Sydneydepend on the buyer’s budget and taste. Even though there are a number of designs and materials available in the market for vanity tops, it is important to know about them in depth before purchasing. Here are some of the most used countertops for bathroom vanities in Sydney:

  1. Natural stone: the stone look is one of the most authentic and common looks for bathroom vanities in Sydneypreferred by homeowners. They are effectively eco-friendly, stain resistant and quite durable. Since they are natural stones, they have little to no chemicals in them and are quite hygienic to have in the bathroom. There are companies who provide their clients with proper stone vanity countertops which are hand carved from natural stones. One can also opt for a recycled and revamped stone countertop. It is not only the look which is good, but also the usability of the product which makes stone countertops quite efficient. On the other hand, like all natural stones, these also stains with time and also wears and tears with regular use. But, these are the cheaper options for bathroom vanities in Sydney.
  2. Manmade stone: These stone tops are not cut from natural stones and thus have some extra features. Since it is manmade, one has control over the colour, durability, and quality of the stone. For bathroom vanities in Sydney, a number of buyers prefer manmade stones as they are available in more options. Moreover, customization is easier on the manmade stones where colour, texture, and hardness are set according to the need of the buyer. Since the hardness and durability can be set, one can easily customise the stone countertop for bathroom vanities in Sydney to last a very long time. Other than its durability, it is also quite heat resistant, stain resistant and has low maintenance. Even though all these are there in the natural stone for countertops, but the only place this tops the natural stone is in longevity. On the other hand, this is a tad bit more expensive than natural stone. As a whole, its elegant and beautiful to have as a countertop.

Other than these two, there are more materials which are common for countertops. These are wood and acrylic resin. Wood is again a beautiful material for countertops, something which shows heritage and class. Acrylic tops are quite low maintenance and durable in comparison with wood tops.  But, as the present market is concerned, even though stone tops are heavy and at times expensive, they are the countertops to go for. Moreover, due to their durability and resistance, they last longer compared to the other two.

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