Tencent Games

The New Game Era with Tencent Games

The CROS has been officially revealed by the tencent game. CROS stands for the Common R&D Operation System and in the Game Developer’s conference of this year they have come up with much relevance. In the conference the keynote session commenced and there a perfect discussion was held on how the innovations in technology help in producing innovative solutions in the controlling of the 200 games for mobiles. The session had the discussion about the games that are the most popular ones in the present day market, the PUBG Mobile. The mention of a case study was made there where it was mentioned that the rise of the Tencent game actually made the rise of the PUBG to popularity possible.

The Most Essential Things that This Whole process has are the followings:

Proper Optimization of the Network

Without any kind of delay or shut off the use of the PUBG is taking place and for that the use of the intelligent network is much responsible. Without any lags, the proper network stays running with the help of the perfect optimization process. Especially when it comes to the e-sports games, then it is for sure that you will need the best ones and this is the one that has all the potential for the same.

Apart from this one, there are other aspects also that were discussed. Game R&D Solutions was one of them. This is the technology that actually makes it possible for the users to play the games with multiple users. This is the matter that is directly linked with the global data storage and one needs to have the best of the lot there.

Apart from that there is the we test, the thing that plays the most important part when it comes to the proper continuation of the PUBG Mobile. The data gets gathered from the smartphones and that is then utilized for the proper speed for the games. This makes a perfect environment for the multiplayer.

The Protection Aspect

Taking about the protection it should be mentioned that MTP happens to be there so that no one gets the option to use the cheat tools. Apart from that there always stays the options for game hacking and to stop that also, the use of this game is made. With the use of CROS the whole gaming experience has become a very important one and that is the reason also that the development of the PUBG mobile is also on the best. Especially when it comes to the use of the multiplayer games then it is for sure that the players would expect the smoothness that there stays if the whole process is done without any kind of flaws. In this discussion it was properly shown that how the different tools actually made it possible for the multiplayer games like PUBG to gain popularity and also added how their own Tencent games will follow that route with their due authenticity and unique features also.

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