Here are the things you need to know about tubemate

Here are the things you need to know about tubemate

Online video streaming has always been good and thanks to the latest technology innovation have made streaming buffer-free. But, what if you want to share a funny video with your friends who don’t want to eat on the internet or download the video so that you can watch later. Tubemate is one such app that allows you to download videos from a variety of streaming websites so that you can watch them at your convenience.

What is Tubemate exactly?

Tubemate is an application that can be used to download videos from YouTube to phone directly without any hassle. This application allows the users to download their favorite videos to the SD cards. The developers have put in much thought while creating this app taking care of all the intricate details of the ergonomics and user experience. You only need to download the app and install it on your phone. The next time you wish to download any video from YouTube, you need not to search for any other free websites. Instead, select Tubemate download and choose the video quality that you wish to download on your phone and it will be downloaded.

What are the problems associated with it?

Although the application has many pros we to admit that none of the application can be perfect. Similarly, this video downloading app also has some cons and they tend to become a major turn off for the users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Users find it difficult to download videos of certain formats from the web-based platform.
  • The application needs an MP3 media converter in order to download high-definition videos. This implies that it requires extra accessories that can consume a bit more space on your device than usual.
  • Some mobile phones are unable to run the application smoothly and there are reported incidents of crashing from users.
  • It is very difficult for the users to download videos on the 2G network.

What are the better alternatives to it?

Some of the applications are seriously better than Tubemate considering the space and functionality of the program on its own. These are free to make video downloader, WonderShare, and others. But, there will be certainly some problemswith all these apps. This is why we recommend you to shift to a better platform that will allow you more advantage over internet handling and stream some great content and download them for watching later without eating into your phone or SD card memory.

How can I stream contents for free?

Jio has altered the internet behavior of the whole community and with my Jio app; you can download various apps like Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio, music, and many more to watch movies or your favorite TV shows without any hindrance. The my Jio app also allows the users to transfer money and recharge their internet plan for seamless streaming and downloading of favorite movies and TV shows. The apps also contain a download button which will store the content on the server so that you can watch them later as well.

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